Breadth of knowledge. Depth of expertise.

Commitment to transparency. ASK PPE is part of ASK Consulting Group LLC, a business advisory group founded more than 20 years ago to help startups and established companies grow. To date, we’ve helped raise more than $700 M to fund growth from launch to exit. In that time, we’ve learned some things. Like the importance of knowing who you’re working with.

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, while helping a client secure financing to acquire PPE, we experienced the type of wild-west, no-rules, free-for-all we haven’t seen since marijuana was legalized. Questionable brokers, the sale of product that didn’t exist and worst of all, deposits made on product that was never delivered. We saw lots of BS – business scams.

The ASK team has family members on the front lines so our commitment is deep and personal. Working with a network of experienced and reliable brokers and FDA Approved and FDA Compliant manufacturers we’re working to reach organizations of all sizes to get you the PPE you need, when you need it.

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